The Eight Principals of Horsemanship

One of the many things I like about Parelli Natural Horsemanship, is the philosophy they espouse of keeping things simple – like horses do. Humans make things so complicated and confusing. Here are the PNH Eight Principals of Horsemanship that keep things simple:

1. Horsemanship is natural.

2. Make and teach no assumptions.

3. Communication is two or more individuals sharing the same idea.

4. Horses and humans have mutual responsibilities.

Responsibilities for Humans:
a. Act like a partner, not a predator
b. Have an independent seat (in saddle) independent feet (on line)
c. Think like a horseman (horses point of view)
d. Know and understand the power of focus

Responsibilities for Horse:
a. Act like a partner, not prey animal
b. Maintain gait
c. Maintain direction
d. Watch where you are going

5.The attitude of justice is effective.

6.Body language is the universal language.

7.Horses teach humans, humans teach horses.

8.Principles, purpose, and time are the tools of teaching.