New Mexico Spring

Last week we had temperatures in the seventies. Perfect riding weather. The day before yesterday, we had snow. Having been gone for a long writing weekend in the mountains, yesterday I returned eager to ride, only to find a swampy arena and mud caked horses. Alas, it was not to be. I had to be satisfied with grooming old Georgia who, for some reasons grows twice the winter coat of the others. She is shedding like mad! I stood, soaking up the sun that thankfully returned, for forty-five minutes slaking off sheets of chestut colored horse hair. As I groomed her, she groomed me leaving a gritty crust of horse kisses on my cheek and neck. It was peaceful, calming, much needed, quiet time.

Today, I was determined to get in the saddle! The arena was still a mess, so Handsome and I hit the trail and had a nice walk over to our trainer’s farm. There we were able to work in her arena which had been nicely dragged and dried out by the sun. I didn’t ask for too much from the boy today, after a week off. It was a good thing because he had trouble concentrating. There are just so many fun things to look at and smell over there!

We lazily walked back home, much calmer and refreshed. After a quick lunch, I haltered Chaco and began the ritual of brushing out his mud splattered black coat. His sweet white spots were a dingy brown and his mane sported clods of dirt. Ah, to roll in the mud. After a lengthy grooming session, we headed out for a walk, this time on line. I haven’t ridden him on the trail yet, so I’m taking it slow. We walked down our dirt road and had many startles and spooks with barking dogs, construction buzz saws at the neighbors and a killer silver tarp in the back of a truck! Oh, and there was the occasional nip of new, green grass, too. Hope he enjoyed the adventure, because tomorrow, its back in the saddle and back to work!