RS Pop A Top (Chaco)

DSC_0048Chaco is an 11-year old Arabian Pinto Cross.

A frequently asked question about the Pinto is “what’s the difference between an American Paint horse and a Pinto horse?” American Paint horses are limited to registered bloodlines of Paint, American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred horses, whereas the Pinto can be from an array of bloodlines including the Arabian, American Saddlebred, American Miniature Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and American Shetland Pony to name a few.  (From the Pinto Association of America)

Chaco is an incredibly athletic and talented gelding. He is the “bad boy” of the barn–in a James Dean sort of way–sans the ducktail and leather jacket. He is affectionate, sweet, and definitely has his own ideas. Once a “challenge,” Chaco is now a cool-headed renaissance man and one of the best friends a gal can have.