Adventure Awaits!

IMG_0404Two days and counting before I head off to Pagosa Springs, Colorado for a four week natural horsemanship course at the beautiful Parelli Ranch! I can’t believe it’s almost here.

Preparations and packing have been interesting. Not only am I packing for myself for an entire month, I’ve had to pack required equipment and general necessities for my horse.

For horse shows I have the packing down to a science. I keep all of my show stuff; grooming supplies, shelving, tools, buckets, racks, saddle pads, creature comforts – chairs, outdoor carpeting, clothing rack, etc., in the tack room of my horse trailer, so everything is ready to go. All items have their place and it’s really quite organized. I bring my own grain and horse supplements, and my trainer provides the hay. So what is left is my tack, my show clothes and any other items I want to keep with me for the weekend. I am prepared for three to seven days of showing, give or take.

But to pack for a month? First, all the show stuff had to be removed from the trailer tack room. I needed the space for the bags of grain, feed and supplements that Chaco requires (did I mention it’s for a month?) Then I had to compile said items and load them up. I am prepared for every kind of weather or situation! We’ve got fly masks, fly sheets, fly spray, mosquito repellent, a horse sheet (for weather in the 50’s at night) a blanket (for weather below the 50’s at night), rain gear for riding, tack, saddle pads, a halter, a hackamore, ropes of all lengths, etc. Am I over prepared? Maybe, but I hate to be under prepared.

IMG_0403Packing for myself has been even more daunting. This beautiful motor coach will be my home for the next four weeks (did I mention it’s for a month?) The problem with packing a motorhome is the temptation to fill it up because you do not have the confines of a suitcase or even the back of a car. I have almost filled the closet and all of the drawers. Will I need all these clothes? I don’t know, but I have the room, so I’m taking them. I have meds, a first aid kid, outerwear for any weather imaginable, (even very spiffy Ralph Lauren rain boots) hats, shoes, boots and all the toiletries possible (did I mention it’s for a month!)

Saturday morning, I leave Albuquerque, escorted by my husband, with motorhome, truck, horse trailer, and a Jeep for good measure. We will make our way to  beautiful Pagosa Springs where we will overnight for two nights at the Mountain View Horsemanship Center before we check in at the Parelli property on Monday morning!

Stay tuned for future adventures!